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Rheometrical Die Heads The principle of the 2-stage slot capillary die is the same as for the 3-stage die. Yet, with only two different capillary heights, this die is smaller and easier to handle. Electronic Materials Rheology & Viscosity Testing The rheology of electrode slurries and pastes is critical for graphene paste lithium ion cell manufacturing processes, such as extrusion, slot-die coating, calendering and screen printing. Solution-Coating Technology for Amoled Displays reasons: reduced costs, improved performance,Active-matrix organic light-emitting coating methods are utilized: slot-coating for and new functionality, just to name a few.diode (Amoled) displays are a promisingblanket layers and continuous … Lamination vs Coating | Adhesive | Polyethylene


Our precision die positioners can allow for a wide array of flexibility with regard to die setup, including die to roll gap, die angle of attack adjustment as well as die position with relation to the backing roll. ..: IBE - Innovative Battery Equipment ::.

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MSK-AFA-SD300-UL is a CE Certified and UL inspection ready automatic slot-die coating system with a compact footprint that is less than 6'x3'. It is perfect for making thin coating around 1 micron range.

Slot-Die Coating - Thanks to intensive cooperation with world-leading slot-die manufacturers, KKA is able to provide precise coating on a variety of substrates. Depending on the properties of the product webs and the fluids used, an optimal coating result can be achieved by arranging the application head differently in the system. Slot-Die Coating: Theory, Design, & Applications – Ossila Slot-die coating, with its ability to coat across a wide range of viscosities and at high web speeds, means that the technique can be used for advanced thin-film manufacturing and also for low-cost, high-volume products. A wide variety of products use slot-die coating as a thin-film deposition method, including: Coaters | New Era Converting Machinery In conjunction with the solution delivery system, slot dies can be used for patch coating. In addition to patch coating, shims can be used to allow for lane coating. With a wide viscosity and speed range, excellent temperature control and coating thickness accuracy, slot die coaters are an extremely effective coating method for many processes.